About AKTSA Music

It all started 13 years ago in 2006 when group members Sahith Appikatla, Jason Sahayaraj, and Teju Koppula met in Mumbai(Bombay). The three of them were in a train station waiting to go back to their hometown, oblivious to each other. This was when Teju struck up a conversation with the other two. They quickly formed a bond as they were interested in many similar things. The most prominent of those was music. All three had a love for music that could not be explained. They kept in touch and one-day Sahith proposed a plan to create a music group with Teju, Jason, and himself.

Teju was ecstatic about the news, as was Jason. The three members knew that there had to be more members if they wanted to produce quality music. Jason had suggested his friend Anuraag, and Sahith had said his brother, Samir, works well with music. They had come to a consensus that they would meet up as a full group.

They decided to meet back in Mumbai because Teju had an apartment he recently bought in the area. When they met, they started to discuss what they wanted the group to be like, the music genre, the name, merchandise, but most importantly their group name. They had settled on the Bombay Boys since they first met in Mumbai.

Soon after the basics were settled, they started brainstorming song ideas and what they wanted to sing about. After a considerable amount of time and a lot of disagreement, they were finally able to agree on an idea. It was a rather unintelligent idea, but it was still workable. They had started recording the beat, writing the lyrics, and singing the vocals. Surprisingly, it only took them 2 hours to make the entire song. It was called Beautiful Bombay, a nice homage, even though it was their first song.

After the release of their song, they continued to come up with ideas for other songs. As they were working, they found out that the song started getting extremely popular and people are constantly sharing sharing it making it even more popular. They were getting requests from fans to make new songs. They couldn’t stop now since they were just getting started. The group quickly produced some new songs and put them out. After a few months of constantly putting out songs, even some labels started getting interested in the group. They wanted to recruit them. Jason, Sahith, Teju, Samir, and Anuraag needed to have a meeting to decide who they wanted to go with. This time, unlike with the songs, they were in agreement and made the deal relatively smoothly.

This was the moment when they made it big. The label boosted their popularity to a point they never thought was possible. They had the materials, extra helpers, and everything else to be the real deal. Even after all of this, they wanted to stick true to their roots and not become too mainstream. They used bollywood-esque beats, sang about issues without seeming forced, and just had fun doing what they loved.

While they did have fun, Jason and Sahith tried to explain that everything was going way too fast. Teju agreed and said they need a break to calm themselves down. The fans were kind enough to let them take their time. But as much as they wanted to take a break, they couldn’t help want to make music again.

Only 3 weeks after their “hiatus”, they were back with a new song. Fans were surprised when the group made the statement that they wanted to continue making music. They wanted to do something huge, so they set up a surprise tour. They wanted to go all around the country and perform. While the fans didn’t know, they set it up so that all the profits go to charity organizations and help the community.

The first tour event they had was extremely nerve wracking. There were so many aspects that they never thought about when they thought about what exactly a tour was. After going through so much to inform the fans about it, they couldn’t stop now, so they educated themselves best in order to give their fans the best experience. On the day of their first concert, they went and performed with everything they had.

Everyone was extremely happy that the fans enjoyed the show. They got confirmation that it wasn’t in vain and rushed back into to music. The rest of the shows were also huge hits. At the end of their final show in the tour, they claimed to come back, but also tell them all profits from the tour were going to charity. Public approval and their popularity skyrocketed even more so than before. Teju was pleased that they were able to do something good for the community. The others said that they need to focus on making more songs.

From here, they came out with 15 studio albums in a matter of 5 years and became a cultural phenomenon. People all around the world come to visit them, and the Bombay Boys, the group’s name, go on world tours very commonly. And as for the rest of the story, well, it’s still going on...